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A List of Good Dissertation Topics in Human Resource Management

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❶The researcher will be trying to analyse the affect of internal communication on the performance behaviour of the workforce in order to analyse the research in a depth way.

Human resource management thesis proposal
Background of the Topic
Human Resource Dissertation Topics & Ideas from Expert Writers

The leaders can play important role in influencing the attitude and behaviour through guiding them and increasing their knowledge for doing the job. It can help in providing better services to the customers. The application of social media can be effective tool for disseminating the information that can help in building business partnership and also using the information by employees in carrying the job. In this study, the researcher will highlight on the importance of internal communication for managing the human resource of the organisations.

The concept of internal communication is effective in building the relationship among the employees and manager of the company. The leaders are the major factor for analysing the performance of the employees and guiding them to mitigate their performance error by supplying right information and knowledge.

The role of internal communication can be useful for the senior manager for taking effective decision for showing the right direction to the employees to deal with the job. The current chapter briefly explains the ingredients of the research topic through different sub section such as research objectives, aims, questions, background of study and rational study. Thus, on the basis of this chapter, literature review of the topic will be carried that will be comprised of different theories and concepts.

In an organisation, there are number of people working under one roof therefore, it become necessary for the management of the company to pass on the information to the employees in right time.

Thus, the employees can conduct their job successfully that can be related to production of product, manufacturing, marketing of products and customer service Welch and Jackson, Communication with the employees is important for achieving the desired productivity and effective communication can significantly improve the efficiency level of the employees.

However, the inside communication can motivate the employees and provide them satisfaction that can help the company in managing the human resource effectively. The current course will be highlighting on different theories and models that can be helpful in explain the topic in broader sense in context to the research topic.

The researcher can be able to analyse the topic in a critical way that can be helpful for the readers to understand the topic in correct manner.

The theories will be based on the internal communication and on the role of leaders and social medium for transferring the information that can be effective for managing the working staff within the organisation.

The conceptual framework can be supportive in simplifying the number of theories that can assist in analysing the topic in better way. The internal communication and performance of employees will be taken into account for giving deeper emphasise on the theoretical concepts.

The researcher will be great support from the framework for carrying the further research topics in a detail way. It can be viewed from the above diagram that effective internal communication can enhance the performance of the company.

The right communication has the potential to stimulate and inspire the employees to increase their efficiency that can be effective for motivating the employees in providing higher productivity to the company. The researcher will be trying to analyse the affect of internal communication on the performance behaviour of the workforce in order to analyse the research in a depth way. Internal Communication is transfer a message within the industry. The communication can be in the form of official and unofficial.

The official communication can comprise the policies, guidelines and procedures of the company whereas unofficial communication is related with the working staff of the company. Therefore, the employees can effectively share their ideas and thoughts that can help in building better relationships in the organisation.

According to Argenti , a good internal communication can provide information to the employees that may be required for carrying the job in efficient manner. The management of the company can provide feedback on the performance of the workers that can be helpful on the part of the company in managing the workers. Thus, it can help in increasing the performance level of the employees to benefit the company in earning income and revenue.

As per Hamm , providing the right information to the employees can enhance the effectiveness of the company that can help in attainting the organisational goals that can be relate to higher sales or earning higher profits. The communication plays effective role in mitigating the problem that may be floating in the organisation that can be helpful in strengthening the relationship between employers and employees. The management of the company can perform their activities effectively through better flow of communication in the organisation.

The internal communication can be helpful in coordinating the activities of the different departments such as production and manufacturing, packaging, marketing, etc. The behaviour of the employees can be effectively controlled through effective communication that can help the company to extract higher productivity from the employees Briggs, A sound internal communication can provide a feeling of job satisfaction among the workers as employees can carry their task in right way that can help the company in reducing the employee turnover.

A mutual trust can be build through correct communication between the management and the employees that can be effective for reaching higher productivity and smooth running of the business. As discussed by Ralston et al. Hence, the information can be applied in production process and carry the operation of the business.

The employees can be effectively engaged in the decision making process that can help the management of an organisation to understand the working behaviour of the company. As per Berry , the employees of the company can be overloaded with the information or messages that may be irrelevant to the kind of jobs performed by the workers. Therefore, it may not add value to the organisational goal. The inefficient internal communication management can give rise to internal problem in the organisation as they may not be able take important decision on time and may not be able to transfer the message to the respected employees Managementhelp.

In the terms of Droppers , the employees can have a demotivation feeling if they are not provided the proper information about the job and policies of the company. Thus, the employees may lose their interest to perform the task that can lower down the productivity of the company. According to the survey of Society for Human Resource Management, the challenges that are most faced by companies are retaining and rewarding the efficient employees and forming a corporate culture for gaining best employees.

The communicators or the management of the company has to follow systematic approach for enhancing the competencies and skills. Thus, it can help in manage the duties and responsibilities that are attached to the internal communication effectively. The management has to build a team for internal communication that can be effective for delivering the message to the right employees.

The management of the organisation may have to provide training to the internal communication team that can enhance their capabilities and knowledge in carrying the information to the employees Neoninc. On the contrary Fu et al. Therefore, strong networks can be helpful in developing better teamwork that can increase the productivity level of the company and the employees too.

According to Kliem , the employee can be engaged in the planning process of the company that can help in building better strategy such as improving the quality of the workers through training and better wages or providing health provision.

Team and Professional Development. Argenti opined that leadership skills of the managers can be effective in guiding the workers towards the aim of the company. The workers can be significantly motivated that can inspire them to perform according to the requirement of the company. The sales of the company can be increased that can ultimately lead to earning better profits. The competency of the working group can be improved through better internal communication that can develop the communication skills of the employees.

The internal communication team may need to develop strategic thinking such as involving the employees in training session for providing production and marketing knowledge. Thus, it can increase the labour productivity and product quality that can be assisting the company in acquiring better income and revenue. The content development and delivery can be effective in messaging the authentic information to the employees Bledow et al.

Therefore, the public speaking can be adopted for gathering required information about the working behaviour of the employees. It can help in channelling the management in successful way. The project management can be crucial for the IC team for measuring the performance of the employees that can help in achieving better human resource for carrying the activities of the business.

Thus, the management of the company can gain be successful in building strong team for performing various jobs of the company such as production, manufacturing, auditing, marketing, etc Instituteforpr. Leadership capabilities are an effective approach in influencing the behaviour of the people. The style of working of leader can be effective measure that can motivate the workers to put their best effort in increasing the productivity of the organisation.

Apart from that Ali mentioned that the less capable leaders can guide the employees in a wrong manner that can affect the work flow of the company seriously. According to Northouse , the path goal theory analyse the act of the employees that they are performing job in the expected manner. In order to communicate with the employees, the leaders may have to primarily understand the characteristics of the employees.

The characteristics can be related to need of the staffs, perceived degree of ability, affiliation and desire for control. Therefore, the leaders can easily contact with employees that can help in motivating them in performing in an impressive manner.

Karatepe and Aga pointed that the leaders has to provide ample support if the task is too ambiguous for the employees to perform. The authority can be provided to the task force that can help them to perform tasks in effective way.

The provision of authority can be effective for the employees that can help them to apply them ideas in the job. Hence, it can support in having better control over the production. Thus, providing support and authority can enhance the two way communication among the workers and leaders.

On the contrary Weigelt discussed that the leaders may develop tough leadership behaviour if the employees are not supportive. Therefore, it can help in controlling the behaviour of task force and the employees can be devoted towards the achievement of organisational goal. Thus, hard leadership attitude can be effectively adopted for carrying internal communication and ensuring that the employees are following the information in the expected way.

Jacquie opined that the leader of the organisation has to inform the employees regarding the expectations that the workers need to perform. The leaders can communicate with the subordinates how job is to be performed and time within which the job has to be completed.

Lyn and Pamela , pointed directive leadership can be effective in a situation when there is heavy uncertainty in the working environment. Therefore, the employees and their work can be effectively coordinated that can help in enhancing goals and gaining better rewards.

The leader has to adopt friendly and approachable behaviour towards the subordinates in order to make working atmosphere pleasant Shahrina et al. The leader has to support the psychological well being of the workers. The support from the leader can minimise the stress level and frustration among the subordinates that can be helpful in carrying the assigned job in productive manner.

According to Toth , the leaders can take up supportive behaviour that can be cognitive and affective for designing tolerant working environment. Thus, it can help in enhancing the self confidence and decreasing anxiety among the employees. A participative leader may have to perform important role for ejaculating better performance from the employees.

Hassan and Bahtiar discussed that the leaders has to share the information and communicate with them so that better decision can be made for achieving the projected goal of an organisation. As per Kalla , an organizational leader may have to design challenging target for the subordinates and expecting from workers to put in their highest effort for doing job. Therefore, an employee has to deliver best of their ability and confidence to meet the expected work.

The continuous improvement is monitored by the leaders in order to achieve the target that can be related to sales or increasing the production quality. Thus, effective communication with subordinates can guide the employees in reaching to the goal successfully and without having much confusion in the working place. According to Nance , an organisation can follow three methods of communication for transmitting the message to the people. The non-verbal communication such as face to face meetings can be effective for conveying the information to the employees.

The verbal communication can be considered as casual conversation among the subordinates or a formal speech for having an effective internal communication. The written communication can be in the form of annual report or casual note for passing on the information to employees and customers.

As per, Zulfqar et al. The formal communication can be in the form of chain of command that can be followed from top management to lower management and from lower management to higher level. The informal communication in the organisation is related to grapevine that is social relationships. Thus, the employees of an organisation can effectively meet their requirements to carry the job.

The channels that can be related to internal communication can be classified into close channels and distant channels. According to Christian et al. As per Dewhurst , internal communication is based on the network of superior and employee. The management can conduct meetings for working teams and the departmental personnel.

Therefore, the operative matters that can be related to work can be discussed in the meetings. The operative data can be forwarded through horizontal nature that is from one worker to another worker.

Thus, it can be reliable source to gather information in enhancing the working environment. The employees can effectively converse with the management of organisation regarding any production issues or wages issues. Therefore, a manager has to build a strong bridge that can be helpful in solving the issues of workers successfully. Toth pointed the organisation that follows hierarchical structure has to efficiently listen to the query or any ideas of the workers that can be passed from the managers to the higher officials.

The unofficial occasions can also be valuable for switching the opinions and ideas that can help in gaining various creative new thoughts for the betterment of organisation. Therefore, the manager can communicate with the employees during the coffee break or lunch break, etc that can help in gathering opinions of the working staffs.

Thus, it can also motivate them to perform impressively. The distant channels of communication hold a large number of working units or individual associate for transmitting the message.

The informative meetings or briefings can be conducted for passing the information that can very crucial for running the business. Therefore, the briefings can be effective internal communication for contacting different working groups under a single roof. Therefore, the management can effectively interact with the staffs for sending the information.

The employees can get idea about the holidays, working time, annual position of the company, etc Uaf. According to Jacquie , the managers are following the informative routes in order to receive information about the work of the individual workers through the respective superiors. Therefore, the management can communicate with the employees if the employee is not able to perform as expected and can guide them that can help them to increase their performance and productivity.

The superior or personnel magazine can be effective in providing information about the training or leisure schedule activities Bakker et al.

The superior can be effective source of data through which the employees can communicate for acquiring the information Tharenou et al. The employees can seek information regarding the work related matters such as using equipments, production issues, etc. Kalla propagated that the internal communication does not only provide correct message all over the organisation but it can also take account of the employee satisfaction.

According to the survey recently done reveals that the leaders of an organisation communicate with the working staffs that directly influence the two major measures of working environment such as employee engagement and job satisfaction. For instance, the CEO of COMMS app, Jeff Corbin, pointed that the increase in the technologies such as mobile devices is altering the behaviour of employees within the company for communicating with the other employees Argenti, The internal communication has radically put the workers in one line that is beneficial for the organisation to ejaculate the best performance from the employees.

On the contrary Christensen and Knudsen opined that employee is not effectively engaged in the job when there is lack of communication between the organisation and the employee. Thus, the money, time and effort of the company can be wasted if the passed information does not reach to the concerned employee. Therefore, the employers of company have to modify the way of communication in order to increase the engagement of employees in the job or in making decision.

Internal communication can significantly help the managers in understanding the framework of the information that can shared with the staffs. The effective internal communication can increase the process of work and can effectively motivate the employees in increasing the efficiency level. The company can use live chat or VoIP or video communication in order to enhance the communications channels. Therefore, it can help in the growth of employee engagement and reaching the satisfaction level.

Droppers argued that an effective internal communication program can have impact on the external functions of an organisation such as community, marketing, investor relations and government relations.

The application of intranets, e-mail, interactive websites, virtual teleconferencing can be useful for keeping the internal employees up to date Hamm, Thus, all the above techniques can be valuable in enhancing the internal communication and increasing the productivity line.

As per the Learning Consultancy study, a good employee communication can be good indicator for measuring the financial performance of an organisation. Therefore, the performance of the employee and an organisation can be enhanced that can be supportive for attaining the expected return or profit and revenue. The internal communication can increase the quality level of the employee that can also help in better formation of organisational structure. Therefore, the company can be able to gain better and quality customers that can help in development of the company Ijsrp.

Social media is considered as social instrument for exchanging or sharing messages. According to Berry , social media is the communal of channels of online communication that is related to content sharing, interaction, association, etc. The social media can be effective in acquiring data from social websites or blogs in order to examine the data for forming best decision for an organization. Therefore, social media can be effective in backing up employees and customers by providing relevant information about the marketing and the service activities.

As per Christian et al. In an organization, social media can play effective role in communicating with the staffs regarding various matters. As, the internet user has considerably increased, therefore, the employees can be much equipped with the use of social networking websites.

Therefore, the information can be easily passed on the respected employees and informing them the necessary plan or guidance to perform at the work place.

Kalla pointed that on an average of 35 minutes every day, the employees of an organization in UK spend on social media. Therefore, the management can effectively use the media for communicating with the number of employees at one time and comprehensively. Therefore, it can be effective in building relationship among different perceptions of the employees and with the higher management too.

Thus, social media can be effective building employee management relationship that can together help in achieving the growth for the company. The employees of an organization can use social tools that can help in accessing the resources and information in order to carry job effectively and solving business issues.

The social media can be valuable way for increasing sharing of knowledge, motivating teamwork and adding value to the experience of employee. Therefore, the business can successfully connect and collaborate with the staffs and stakeholders. The effective utilization of social media can help in engaging the employee in the discussions that can be useful for the flow of communication that can be from bottom up, top down or side-by-side Ijsrp.

According to Toth , organizations in UK are employing social media for encompassing internal training lessons and recruiting staffs and forming online community to provide best knowledge to the internal stakeholders of an organization. Therefore, social media can be beneficial for internal communications that can help in promoting the product and services of company, reaching quickly to the workers, enhancing brand awareness internally and forming positive working atmosphere Chen and Hung, Moreover, the staffs can be motivated to use the information to the best in the production and marketing of product.

Apart from the beneficial role of social media, Nance discussed that restricting the use of social medium for the workers can lower down the morale of the working units. The company may fail to capture the opportunities for developing team and skills of the employees. Therefore, the business networking can be affected that can make difficult for forwarding the information in the organisation. Thus, the employees of an organisation may not be able to access the information of other companies.

The employees can be engaged in social networking most of the time that can affect the productivity of the company. Hence, it can decrease the performance of the company and the workers. On the contrary, the social networking can offer a fresh and innovative means to the organisations for meeting various challenges that may be in relation to employee engagement, corporate culture association and managing the co-workers. The leaders can adopt social medium for building community that can help in engaging workers towards enhancing performance.

The news and information can be quickly shared with the employees through social intranets. The particular chapter has greatly helped the researcher in extracting the right and correct information. The researcher was able to analyse the beneficial role of the internal communication. The behaviour and attitude of the employees has been significantly influenced by an effective internal communication. The adoption of leadership theory that is path goal theory within the organisation has assisted in motivating the employees in using the supplied information in the best possible way.

Therefore, the managers and leaders can be effectively communicated with the workers on important matters. The forms and channels relating to internal communication have been mentioned, that can be used for exchanging the message. The social media is effective in enhancing inner communication and engaging the employees in increasing the performance and growth of the company. Therefore, the inner communication is effective in passing the relevant information to the workers and building the strong bonding and relationship among employees and managers.

In this chapter, the researcher will be focusing on the role of internal communication within the environment of organisation in UK. The research methodology can be effective in examining the study in order to draw best conclusion for the research work. The outline can be effectively designed through the methodology that can be helpful in the process of research. The researcher for briefing the research process has selected the philosophy, approach and design. However, Creswell pointed that the research topic can be better explained through narrowing down the theories and concepts through research methodology.

The limitation of the research study will be discussed in this chapter. Therefore, the researcher will be trying to analyse the working behaviour of workers in the organisation on the basis of research style. In the current chapter, the researcher will be adopting research techniques that can be useful for analysing the successful characteristics of inner communication and its impact on the performance of working groups.

As per, Saunders et al. The research philosophy that has been selected by the researcher is post-positivism that is an extension of positivism. Therefore, it can be helpful in gathering required information on the basis of appropriate logic and evaluation Jackson, Further, the researcher has focused on the deductive approach in order to carry the research study for analysing the secondary information. The descriptive research design will provide depth examination of the different research topics.

The researcher can define the applied concepts and models in detail way in order to increase success level of the research paper. The appliance of primary and secondary can be supportive to researcher in analysing the research topics that can help the readers to understand the purpose of research work Dul and Hak, The limitation and ethical nature of the research has also been considered by the researcher to complete the research in effective manner. According to Crouch and Pearce , the research onion can be valuable tool for understanding the nature of the research topics so that topics can be analysed in better way.

The research onion methodology can assist in segmenting the research for examining the topics carefully. Therefore, the academic students can get help from the structuring of research onion.

The each stratum of the research onion helps in forming the right results of the research procedure. The research can be alienated into six factors such as philosophy, approaches, designs, strategies, time horizon, techniques and procedures. The above presented figure shows the process that will be followed by the researcher for understanding the every section of the research technique in order to draw better results. Therefore, better analysis can be done in every process of research.

As stated by Christensen and Knudsen , the employments of research philosophy that can be carried for doing the research study in successful way.

He also mentioned that research philosophy is a concept that will be directing the researcher in deriving the better results from the research topics. Cameron opined that the assumption procedure can be explained by following philosophy. The changing behaviour of thinking process can be taken care by research philosophy through appropriate alignment.

Epistemology , axiology and phenomenology are the common composition of philosophy of research. Therefore, ethics, knowledge and facts of the research work can be effectively highlighted. According to Bakker et al. The philosophy consist three form of approach that is Positivism , Realism and Interpretivism.

As per Tharenou et al. On the other hand, Interpretivism throws light on the adoption of logic for applying in the study in order do the research paper. Apart from positivism, realism and interpretivism, the researcher has moved ahead with selecting post positivism philosophy for the appropriate analysis.

The post positivism is the extended form of positivism in order to build effective work and receiving the best understanding of the work Flick, The researcher has chosen the post positivism research philosophy for assessing the research in proper way. The positivism and interpretivism is related with logical and knowledge factors whereas realism is concerned with the real facts.

Therefore, post positivism has been selected as it can help in cross checking the work of research and analysing the gathered data for better results. Due to limitation of time, realism and interpretative has been aborted. The research approach will provide great assistance to the researcher in conducting the research work on the basis of information that has been accumulated from the external environment.

According to Dul and Hak , the research philosophy carries two characteristics such as Inductive and Deductive. Crouch and Pearce opined that observation is considered as initial point of inductive approach that can help in generating the relevant data for reaching the objective of the research work. In the particular study, the researcher will be trying to understand the concept related to the employees behaviour and performance through imparting internal communication.

Therefore, the related theory will be further helpful for the study of research and the respected topics that is covered. The deductive approach has been opted for evaluating the theories and models in own way that is related with the research paper.

Therefore, research work can be explained in precise and effective manner. The researcher has discarded inductive approach, as new theories or models are difficult for the researcher to build. Therefore, existing concepts and models can be comprehensively linked through deductive approach for better presentation of study. As discussed by Creswell , the research design is based on the process for collecting the information in context to contemporary aspects.

Therefore, research design comprises three types of design that is exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. According to exploratory design, the ideas and thoughts can be assessed for completing the research work. However, the explanatory research design can be used for describing the reason behind the rise of any events and its effect on the situation.

Further, the descriptive design aims at explaining the topic in brief way. The explanatory design has been avoided as it is related to longitudinal study, which was not appropriate with the current research work. Therefore, the researcher has selected the descriptive design in order to analyse and evaluate the data in better manner.

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