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Content needs to be focused. The hiring manager must be able to quickly see qualifications relevant to their job opening. In 10 seconds, they must have a good overall impression of the value you can bring to their company.

Key words must be placed where they will be easily noticed and should show your results on the job. If you wonder why it takes a long time to receive a call back, it has to do with the hundreds or even thousands of applicants that apply and all the stages a resume goes through before a small number of applicants are selected for interviews. There are so many hurdles to jump through before your resume gets seen, you have to use the best resume writers that understands the ins and outs of the screening and hiring process.

We know what it takes to stand out in this competitive job market. We develop cover letters and follow up communications to support you in managing the entire hiring process if you elect those services.

Some companies do require cover letters in order to apply. A cover letter is another way to set yourself apart and to show why you are a good fit for a job. Follow up communications help keep you in the minds of the key decision makers and allows you to show you were listening, you understand what the company is looking for and are excited about the position. If you are not optimizing your social media, you are missing out on some major opportunities.

The days where you just put some basic information on your LinkedIn profile are over. Optimize your professional brand and increase your visibility to potential employers with a professionally written LinkedIn profile. We go beyond offering a LinkedIn profile.

We strategically create profiles to increase your visibility and make recommendations for steps you can take to make the most of your online presence and get the right activity. Companies are looking online to see if you have the right qualifications.

More importantly, they are looking for reasons not to hire a candidate. There are a host of things within their checklist that they are searching for. Now you got the call to interview for an exciting position. What do you do? Are you getting nervous already? You may have been chosen from hundreds maybe even thousands of applicants.

No matter how effective you are in your job, the difficult part is making sure that comes across. Interview Preparation, Practice and confidence in interview skills are critical to Nailing the Interview. Did you walk away from your last interview feeling like you could have done better? Did you spend all this time researching the company, reading through the job posting, preparing your answers only to fumble through when you finally got your chance to interview for your dream job?

Hiring managers meet with a number of individuals. You want to give concise, relevant and engaging responses in order to WOW your interviewers. We focus on a number of factors in preparing clients for the interview process from start to finish. Confidently answering those questions that trip up most individuals, connecting with the interviewer and showing them you are the candidate to beat is no easy task. Is a small investment worth it?

We customize the interview preparation to focus on the position you are applying for, industry you are targeting and our experience pinpointing the types of questions interviewers frequently ask. We give you feedback to assist with challenges you may face during interviews and how to overcome them and be more prepared for those opportunities. Interviewing typically makes most people uncomfortable. With preparation comes confidence and the ability to show your skills and how you will add value to this new company.

Having a hard time writing a professional bio for your website or a public speaking engagement? There are a number of reasons it makes sense to have a professional bio ready to go. It can be an important part of your social media profile, marketing materials to potential clients, publications for books or professional documents, and training pitches.

Most people should have a short and long version available that you can tweak depending on your purpose. A professional bio establishes credibility and helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. We develop bios to tell your story, highlight your achievements, quantify your results and speak to your character. A bio can include information that speaks to who you are as a person beyond your professional life.

We add color to your bio to engage your target audience and highlight what makes you different and how you provide value. Going through some challenges in your career?

Trying to climb the corporate ladder but having a hard time of it? Feeling stuck in your job? Considering a career change? Unhappy with your salary? Having a tough time dealing with office politics? Not sure where to start in your job search or resume?

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