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Oil & Gas Division Orders

Cover Letter Tips for Administrative Coordinator

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Administrative Coordinator Advice

My Perfect Resume is your solution and takes the hassle out of resume writing. Create the perfect job-worthy resume effortlessly in just a few clicks! Build a Resume Now. Act as resource for legal related issues including interpretation of contacts, title documents, and agreements related to the drilling and operation of oil and gas wells.

Mentor and resource for subordinate, and departmental peers. Assisted with input of Leases into Enertia Land System for tracking. Certified Division Order Analyst. Research, resolve and correspond with owners for revenue discrepancies or inquiries with different priorities.

Update owner pay and suspense status code on revenue DOI in Quorum timely. Your Resume, Made Easy. Keep the other copy of the signed division order for your records! Do not send both copies back to the oil company. They sent you two copies for the purpose of you keeping one for your records. Wait for the results and follow up as needed. The oil company is required to communicate with you whether they accept, or reject, the division order reflecting all of the stricken language.

To hasten that process, you should: After exactly two weeks, call the telephone number provided in the instruction sheet or cover letter sent to you along with the division order. Have your copy of the division order with you. If you must leave a message, be sure to have your copy of the division order in front of you when you leave the message. State in the message 1 your name s , 2 your owner number assigned to you and given in the division order, 3 the date you mailed the signed copy back to the oil company, and 4 give them your telephone number to call you back to verify that they received your signed division order.

Request that they return your call and tell you that the account has been placed in pay status, or will be placed in pay status. Give them no more than 3 days to return your call. If you have not received a call from them in 3 days, call them again, and repeat all of the information you gave them in the first call and request again that they call to verify receipt and acceptance.

After your second call, give them only 24 hours to respond. If they have not responded, call every day for one full business week. If still no response, call the company main number and ask to speak to the Land Administration Manager. If still no response in 24 hours, send a letter by certified mail demanding that they place your account in pay status following receipt of your signed division order and give them 30 days to pay your royalties according to the terms of your lease or you will seek termination of the oil and gas lease.

If no payment has been received within 30 days, take all of your paperwork with you including the certified letter green card signed by the oil company to an attorney and pay to have the attorney send a demand letter.

Very few companies allow royalty owner relations to get to this point before paying them, so an attorney is the last resort rarely needed. Review the division order carefully. If the name s and address are correct, and you agree with the decimal contained in the division order, but you disagree with too many of the terms in the division order more than 5 terms would need to be stricken to make it acceptable to you , put the division order aside.

You should not sign that form of division order. At the top of the Home Page, click on "Publications". It will pop up in a new window as a downloadable PDF document; download it. Use the division order the oil company sent as the source of all of the necessary information that you must transfer into the NADOA Division Order form. You will enter as the "Payor" in the new form the same oil company name shown as the "To: Write it exactly as you see it.

Make no changes whatsoever, including no abbreviations. But it can be only a minor change, not a whole new name or the division order will be rejected. Read their instruction sheet carefully to learn how many witnesses their management policy requires for them to accept your division order.

Enter all of the information required below your signature s: Be sure to either enter your Social Security number on the form where indicated, or fill out and sign an IRS Form W-9 you can download from www. Enter your daytime telephone number, the one where you can be most easily reached between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday in the time zone where the oil company is located. That can be home phone or cell phone.

If you have an email address, or a family member who has an email address you are allowed to use, by all means enter it here! If there is any problem with your division order, the analyst will immediately email you rather than call, because that is a preferred method of communication for oil company employees.

Take both of the company division orders and draw a thick black line through the body of each, front and back if they have two sides, starting at the upper left-hand corner and ending at the lower right-hand corner. On each line, write, "Replaced By Enclosure". Now staple the photocopy of the signed NADOA form division order to the company division order stamped "Keep This Copy" and place it in your files, to keep for your records.

Senior Division Order Analyst (lead Level)

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A Division Order, with cover letter and request for supporting documents if needed (curative), is sent on behalf of the producing party to all interest holders, primarily working interest partners and landowners with a royalty interest in production. Division Order Cover Letter. division order cover letter Sample Cover Letter. Ling Wu Wide Boulevard., Apt. , East Lansing, MI , , [email protected] May 16, Jerome Smith, Superintendent A cover letter is like and A Follow-up Letter, and Create A Winning Portfolio.

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ix d2 research paper outline for an author Division Order Cover Letter master thesis cite resume medical school admission. 1 Senior Division Order Analyst (lead Level) Train and supervise new Junior Division Order Analyst in the determination of ownership for revenue allocation and oil and gas wells in Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Montana, North Dakota and Colorado, including Federal Units.