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Benjamin Franklin


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Getting to Know Ben Franklin

Franklin was one of the founders of the Pennsylvania Hospital in , which was the first public hospital in the country. Before this, there was no public health system for the poor. The public hospital system that Americans know today is modeled after the Pennsylvania Hospital. In the early 18th century, books were mainly available to wealthy people, whom had their own private libraries.

In , Franklin developed the concept of a subscription library where members paid a fee and shared books amongst themselves. This system served as the model for the public library system. During that time, he instituted regular mail routes, a standard fee structure and an internal auditing system. Many of the systems are still in use by the postal service today. In , Franklin organized the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia.

The success led to other volunteer fire departments in the city. Franklin also was responsible for creating the first fire insurance company in Subscribers paid a fee for the assurance of having their property repaired or replaced if it was damaged in a fire.

Here are ten jobs that he had in his career. Ben Franklin invented many things that are still used today. It is amazing to see how much Ben Franklin accomplished.

It is hard to think of anyone who did more with his life than Franklin and his impact is still felt today, over years after he was born. He is truly one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. January 17, in Boston, Massachusetts Died: April 17, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education: One of five men who helped draft the Declaration of Independence Author: I would suggest that Franklin was able to bring colonists of different religious and political backgrounds together because he was highly pragmatic in Benjamin Franklin did believe in the power of the individual.

This is seen through his "creation" of the Thirteen Virtues. He believed that an individual could change the world by changing himself Discuss Benjamin Franklin as a representative of the Enlightenment. Like many Enlightenment thinkers, Franklin believed that knowledge ought to be useful, and if possible, profitable.

Many of his more famous ideas were thus aimed at reforming some aspect of society As colonial agent for multiple colonies, Benjamin Franklin was a loyal and devoted British subject, though he had long supported colonial rights within the empire. He had worked as a mediator, in The sense of innovation and self- reliance that Franklin demonstrates in his narrative and his works are elements that can be embedded in the culture of contemporary America.

How does his writing reveal Sometimes called the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment period, both in Europe and in the United States, was marked by a new interest in the potential of the human mind, and resonated with the ideas Whether she was born in Birmingham, England or in Philadelphia, where her parents moved at some point, is unknown.

Her father was a How did Benjamin Franklin embody the new American character which was different from the Puritan First, we should note that it is always dangerous to talk about the "character" of a people as such discussions will always be overgeneralizations that are not true to the way many people thought Need a imaginary letter for Benjamin FranklinImagine that you are someone living in philadelphia You would want to tell him how industrious you How do you feel that Native Americans were portrayed in the works of Benjamin Franklin?

He wrote about many things, and one of his essays seems to be an accurate encapsulation What do you think Benjamin Franklin would like to see in an employee?

If you were writing a resume Based on what I know about Benjamin Franklin, I think he would like to see a basic curiosity and creative ability to solve problems while working. I think Benjamin Franklin would respect anyone What three reasons does Franklin give for agreeing to the constitution? He clearly had some reservations A brillant and enterprising individual, Benjamin Franklin continues to be an inspiration to Americans. As one of the forefathers of our country, his place in American history and literature is What does Benjamin Franklin mean by this phrase: What this saying, repeated by Benjamin Franklin, means is that it is easier to get people to do what you want by being nice than by being mean.

When Franklin uses the phrase "tart words" he means Give some ideas or an Franklin has also been hailed as the prototypical American Comment on the characteristics that made Benjamin Franklin the most multi-faceted and It was almost as if the Colonists were able to assert their own statement in the Enlightenment without having to be Why is Benjamin Franklin referred to as a renaissance man?

Benjamin Franklin is referred to as a "renaissance man" because he had a wide variety of interests and was quite learned in a variety of areas. The term "renaissance man" refers to a person like In at least four sentences, compare and contrast the literary elements in the autobiographies of

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Benjamin Franklin won fame as a writer, a publisher, a scientist, and an inventor. He is best remembered, however, for his leadership in the American colonies and the early United States.

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