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You will find two topics: Products from crude oil and also Alkenes. Click on these to find the videos that you are looking for. I just want to know what grades people have been getting by watching your videos only as they very helpful and helped me a lot with my mock exams, the only thing i have been revising on is with your videos and past papers, can i still pass the exam? I found these videos very useful but can I ask when will chemistry unit 3 videos come out? Hi can you do revision videos on how to analyse data in the exams.

This was seriously useful, thank you. It was recommended to me by a friend and I went on to recommend it to my friends. I ended up with an A and B in my chemistry unit 1 and 2 mocks and chemistry is my worst subject, so the videos proved really helpful. Thanks, I really appreciate your comment. I always like to know when people find the videos useful.

Good luck with your exams in June and keep watching. The videos are so quick and to the point. It only took me about 3 days to cover the whole of biology. Best website I have found so far.

I hope that you find the other videos useful as well and good luck in your exams. All the other videos work perfectly fine. Just this one video seems to have a problem. This should be up by the middle to end of the week, so if you could continue watching the remaining videos and then come back to it, that would be great. Keep up the good work! Hi, I really really struggle with chemistry unit 3 and am wondering when the videos will be out since they are very useful for my understanding.

Thankyou the videos are very helpful. Hi and thanks for the comments. I am planning on making the Chemistry Unit 3 videos very soon so watch out for them.

Hello there, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you dearly for all the efforts and time creating this wonderful website that has helped me hugely so far. I will be using your website for revision for the rest of the time I have left for my exams. To just to let you know that I have tried and experienced using other revision websites but none were most beneficial as yours. So I again, thank you so much. It will be such a life saver if you do so.

Thank you again for everything. Thank you very much for the comments. I am planning to make videos for A level Biology and Chemistry so watch out for them later in Good luck with your GCSEs and keep watching the videos.

These videos are excellent. An exceptional effort and this one of the reasons why the Internet is turning into such a great source for learning. Thank you very much sir and your videos are proving extremely helpful for my revision! You explain everything extremely clearly and it is easy to understand. Thanks for the comments. Keep watching and good luck in your exams.

Hello,im a student currently in year 10 and your videos have helped me tons in my physics and and my chemistry lately, but unfortunately there is no match for my biology syllabus for Eg chapters such as Coordination and Blood and circulation. I would hugely appreciate i there would be an update of bio syllabus. Thank You so much for ur help and great videos and please keep up the awesome videos coming.

Looking forward to the rest of the biology syllabus. You have been a god send for me! The science department at my school is okay but not the best. Your videos break down the topics perfectly and have helped me understand them more. I always love to hear from viewers who find the videos helpful. Keep watching and I hope that you continue finding that they help and good luck in your exams.

Hi, In your video you mentioned that there are worksheet exercises available on this website. Would you please tell me where i could find them. I hope to be releasing some of these fairly soon but in the meantime, I would suggest that you go to AQA. This will give you good exam practise. Cheer, this is so helpful and makes revision so much easier for my exams.

I hope that you continue watching and tell all your friends. Due to some problems I missed 2 whole years of high school and I came back in yr 11 few months now from my mocks and final exams and I know nothing about science only the things I had learnt in yr 7 and 8. I used to depress over my science grades but since I found this website it has been so helpful iv caught up with almost all the topics I missed and I am pretty confident I will do well in my exams, hopefully!

Also, you should download all the past exam papers from aqa. If you do them and then mark them the markschemes are also on there then that will also help you as the same types of questions come up all the time.

And good luck in your exams. Have no words to say… the videos are phenomenal and amazing. I feel so much more confident in science. Are you planning on making a unit 1 and 3 on biology? Also will A-Level clips on biology be available next year? Thank you very much! I always like to hear from people who find the videos helpful.

And I will definitely be making videos on A level Biology as well. Good luck in your exams. Thanks for your message.

I hope that your friends also find them useful and best of luck in your exams. Then you can download unit 3 papers from the exam board aqa. Physics 1 is now being added. A couple of videos are now on and the remained will be added over the next few weeks. Biology 1 will be added between Easter and the exams in June. Hello there, I was just wondering if you are able to upload any worksheets before the exams? We have not been able to cover them properly class so could you do any videos for them.

Hey there I have my unit two additional science exam next month, can you give me tips to achieve an A and should I make notes on all of your videos too? Watch all the videos on a subject eg Biology 2 and make notes some students prefer to just watch them. Then do all the past papers from AQA. Carefully mark them you can get the grade boundaries here: In the plant cell, the permanent vacuole is full of dissolved chemicals such as various salts etc ie the cell sap.

But the key feature is that it is packed with water. This means that the vacuole is applying pressure against the rest of the cell contents. This is resisted by the cellulose cell wall and this makes the cell turgid ie full of water and firm.

This is part of what gives a plant its support. I hope that that has answered your question. Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Firstly, make a list of the topics that you feel least confident with because these are the ones that you have to revise first. On one side you should ask a question eg outline the stages of natural selection and on the reverse, you write the answer. The actual act of making these cards is good revision in itself.

Then you have to spend plenty of time going through those cards until you can answer them. Carry them around and if you have a few minutes, practise. Get your friends and relatives to test you. But you should also find time for the past-papers since the same types of questions frequently come up. Thank you so much for creating these videos. I used to hate physics because I never used to understand it but now I love it. You make everything so simple and I am able to easily understand all topics.

I was wondering how many of the triple videos will be completed before our triple exams since the are one of the first science exams we have.

It would be so great if you could complete them before our exams but I know it takes a long time to create the videos so I know it may take some time. You have helped so many people. Thank you very much for making these videos. They are excellent, very detailed and contain all the information we need for the exams.

I really am both grateful and jealous of your students who are probably finding science extremely easy because of your amazing teaching. I am sure they will all get perfect results. My students are like all students, so some are really good but some need more help. They do like Science though. I teach in a school in Manchester.

Hi thankyou for the videos they have really helped. I was just wondering for chemistry unit 2 are there any videos on paper and gas chromatography x. I would just like to say that you are literally an angel sent from above: Thanks for the comment, which made me laugh.

I decided that students would benefit more from having all the videos they needed rather than a smaller number but with worksheets. So I decided to focus on making the videos. There are lots on the AQA website http: Carefully mark them and that will tell you what the examiners are looking for. At the moment, all of unit 2 are on and half of unit 1 all of Chem and half of Physics. Hello- I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating these videos- they are so easy to understand and are very informative.

Your videos have really helped me gain a better understanding of all three sciences and I really appreciate you making them so accessible for students without having to pay. I just had to comment on your website because I find your videos have really made a difference to me. Thank you once again for all your work, you have helped me immensely. I hope that you continue to find the videos useful and best of luck in your exams. I wanted to ask you a serious questions since you have had a lot of experience with teaching and exams.

Thanks for the comment. Once official transfer credit evaluation is completed, students are responsible for reviewing their degree progress reports and notifying their Academic Advisors of any perceived discrepancies between credits completed and credits applied in transfer. Degree-seeking students should work with their Academic Advisor to determine if coursework will fit into their academic plan and not duplicate previous credit awarded.

A student may not take Ashford University coursework in an area in which he or she has already completed a course that is more advanced in content level. Students requesting re-evaluation of specific transfer credits will be directed to the Transfer Credit Appeal form in the Student Portal at www.

Transfer credits will be officially evaluated, based on review of official transcripts by the Office of the Registrar, in terms of curriculum. Courses similar in content and level will be accepted as equivalents to University courses based on the following criteria along with any program specific criteria:.

Nationally accredited institutions granted accreditation by the following accrediting agencies will be considered in transfer:. Credits from any institutions with whom Ashford University has current articulation agreements will be considered for transfer. Nontraditional credits can be awarded in three ways: National testing programs include AP: Thomas Edison College Examination Program. National credit recommendations include ACE: National College Credit Recommendation Service.

Please review the Nontraditional Credit Provisions and Limitations sections for additional information regarding nontraditional credits. Credit will only be awarded in areas that fall within the regular curricular offerings at Ashford University. Through Sponsored Professional Training: Students may participate in the Sponsored Professional Training component of PLA by providing the following documentation:.

Ashford University faculty will evaluate the submission of Sponsored Professional Training for evidence of college-level learning.

Applicable fees for evaluation of Sponsored Professional Training are listed in the Financial Information section of this Catalog. Payment for evaluation is charged per credit submitted for evaluation and does not guarantee that credit will be awarded. PLA credit cannot be awarded for a course previously taken with the University when a failing grade was received. Students may participate in the experiential learning component by first enrolling in the experiential learning course, EXP Fundamentals of Adult Learning.

EXP is a 3-credit elective course, and per-credit tuition is charged at the regular rate outlined in the current tuition and fee schedule in the Financial Information section of this Catalog. Upon successful completion of EXP , students may submit one or more experiential essays for review. Additional charges apply per evaluation submitted, as outlined in the tuition and fee schedule in the Financial Information section of this Catalog. Payment for evaluation is charged per essay submitted for evaluation and does not guarantee that credit will be awarded.

Students may participate in one or both PLA components depending on their experience, background, and need. Prior Learning Assessment credit awarded at another regionally or approved nationally accredited institution may be transferred to Ashford University with the approval of the Ashford University Registrar and the Department of Prior Learning Assessment, if the content area falls within the regular curricular offerings of Ashford University.

Students may also be required to submit the original PLA documentation. Such transfer credit counts toward the nontraditional credit maximum applicable in a degree program. It does not apply to students pursuing a graduate degree or non-degree seeking students. To be eligible for PLA, undergraduate students must be fully admitted, satisfy the English Proficiency requirement, and successfully complete their first course at Ashford.

Students who have formally completed the PLA process but disagree with the final credit decision may be eligible to appeal. Please contact the Department of Prior Learning Assessment to discuss the appeal process.

Please read the Nontraditional Credit Provisions and Limitations for more information in this section of the Catalog. Students should wait until all previous post-secondary coursework has been reviewed and then contact their Academic Advisor to determine if there is a need for the exam to be reviewed for college credit.

Ashford University enters into articulation agreements with other schools in the spirit of cooperation and to mutually recognize each other as quality institutions of higher learning. The purpose of an articulation agreement is to enable students transferring to Ashford University to carry with them the credit they have already earned for as much relevant study as possible.

Students who transfer under the terms and conditions of a valid articulation agreement are subject to the requirements outlined by the articulation agreement and Ashford University Academic Catalog at the time the student is enrolled into his or her Ashford University program. Students who have earned graduate-level course credits prior to matriculation at Ashford University may be eligible to transfer up to nine 9 credits toward an Ashford University graduate-level degree.

Additional credits may be accepted when offered under an agreement approved by Ashford University up to a maximum of 15 credits. The outcomes of all transfer credit evaluations completed are communicated to students along with the resulting shortened program of study, where applicable, as shown in their Student Portal. Graduate-level college credits completed are acceptable for transfer under the following conditions, unless offered in an approved program or under an agreement approved by Ashford University:.

Students who are requesting a program change must submit a new application required for the new program of study. Students must meet admission requirements and complete all degree requirements in effect for the program of study at the time of admission to the new program.

Admission is not guaranteed. The University will determine the conditions under which the student may enroll and will convey those conditions to the student. Any changes to a program may result in removal of an approved transfer concentration, specialization, or minor. Students using Military Tuition Assistance to fund their education must obtain permission from the Education Services Officer to change their program.

When permission is obtained and the request is processed, an updated military degree plan will be reissued by the Office of the Registrar within 60 days. Matriculated students who have earned fewer than 18 credits at Ashford University are exempt from this requirement if all General Education coursework has been successfully completed. Students wishing to officially withdraw from Ashford University must notify their assigned Enrollment Services Advisor, Academic Advisor, or other advisor within the Enrollment Services or Student Services Departments.

Students choosing to notify their Academic Advisors verbally of their intent to withdraw may be asked to fill out a written request to withdraw. Please refer to drop policies for grade implications when not meeting attendance requirements.

Students who attend on the first day following 14 consecutive days of non-attendance will not be dropped from their course or administratively withdrawn. When this occurs, such as during the annual winter break, the break may extend the 14 day limit to include the break.

No approved Academic Leave can exceed 45 days including University scheduled periods of non-enrollment. The student must resolve any financial obligations to Ashford University before receiving an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar.

Ashford University determines that a student is officially withdrawn when a student requests to officially withdraw from the University. Ashford University determines that a student is unofficially withdrawn when he or she falls into one of the following categories:.

Students must meet admission requirements and complete all degree requirements in effect for the program of study corresponding with the catalog year in which the student changed his or her program. Students seeking reinstatement to Ashford University should contact their Academic Advisor. Reinstatement is not guaranteed. If reinstatement is granted, Ashford University will determine any conditions under which the student may be reinstated and will convey those conditions to the student.

Military service members should review the Readmission of Students after Military Service under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of policy located in this section of the Catalog.

This process is to ensure that the University has current demographic information for each student. Students must meet admission requirements and complete all degree requirements in effect for the program of study at the time of readmission. Readmission is not guaranteed.

If readmission is granted, the University will determine the conditions under which the student may re-enroll and will convey those conditions to the student. Any member of the United States armed forces, spouse of an Active Duty, National Guard or Reservist, a Department of Defense employee or a civilian employee of the US Coast Guard who is ordered to state or federal service or duty is entitled to the following provisions for each course the student is attending:.

Students who request a break in attendance of 45 days or greater due to military necessity may do so by submitting a Military Withdrawal Request. This request form also facilitates withdrawal from any current course s , if necessary. Military Tuition Assistance is refunded to the branch of service from which it originated.

Ashford University does not deny readmission to a service member of the uniformed services for reasons relating to that service. Students who meet the criteria subsequently outlined will be readmitted with the same academic status as the student had when he or she last attended Ashford University. An affected service member is any individual who is a member of, applies to be a member of, or performs, has performed, applies to perform, or has the obligation to perform, service in the uniformed services.

Service in the uniformed services means service, whether voluntary or involuntary, in the Armed Forces, including service as a member of the National Guard or Reserve, on active duty, active duty for training, or full-time National Guard duty under Federal authority for a period of more than 30 consecutive days under a call or order to active duty of more than 30 consecutive days. Any student whose absence from Ashford University is necessitated by reason of service in the uniformed services is entitled to readmission if the following apply:.

However, no advance notice by the student is required if the giving of such notice is precluded by military necessity, such as a mission, operation, exercise, or requirement that is classified; or a pending or ongoing mission, operation, exercise, or requirement that may be compromised or otherwise adversely affected by public knowledge.

An affected service member must, upon the completion of a period of service in the uniformed services, notify Ashford University of his or her intent to return to Ashford University not later than three years after the completion of the period of service. A student who submits an application for readmission to Ashford University must provide to Ashford University documentation to establish that:. In order for a service member to qualify for these benefits by reason of service, a student must submit appropriate documentation to the University.

Documents that might establish service member eligibility include, but are not limited to:. Ashford University may not delay or attempt to avoid a readmission of a student under this section by demanding documentation that does not exist, or is not readily available, at the time of readmission.

Students who meet the criteria for readmission after military service outlined previously will be promptly readmitted with the same academic status as when they last attended or were last admitted to the institution, but did not begin attendance because of that membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service, or obligation to permit service.

If the student is readmitted to the same program, for the first academic year in which the student returns, the student will be assessed the same tuition and fee charges that the student was or would have been assessed for the academic year during which the student left the institution.

If the student is admitted to a different program, and for subsequent academic years for a student admitted to the same program, the student will be assessed no more than the tuition and fee charges that other students in the program are assessed for that academic year.

If Ashford University determines that the student is not prepared to resume the program, or will not be able to complete the program, the University will make reasonable efforts at no extra cost to the student to help the student become prepared or to enable the student to complete the program, including but not limited to providing refresher courses at no extra cost to the student.

Ashford University may also issue SOC agreements to servicemembers of other branches of service based on SOC policies and requirements. Ashford University must receive all previous college transcripts and military credit recommendations prior to the end of the second attempted course.

Upon full admission, the student will receive a SOC Student Agreement outlining their degree requirements. SOC Student Agreement degree requirements are valid for 8 years from the time the agreement is issued or the student voluntarily changes the degree program at which time a new agreement will be issued for the new program. Students who leave Ashford University and return after one year under a valid SOC Student Agreement will be given the program requirements under the last contract for degree.

When degree or course requirements change, students have the opportunity to voluntarily choose the new program to be more in-line with industry standards.

Students that return to a degree program that is no longer offered through Ashford University will be given the opportunity to be admitted into the most current program or under the contract version without loss toward academic progress. In accordance with this partnership, any Active Duty, National Guard, or Reservist student who attends the University will receive a military degree plan within 60 days after admission to the educational institution in which the individual has selected a degree program and all required official transcripts have been received.

The student will receive a Military Degree Plan with the evaluation of previous coursework received and the requirements for the degree program selected. The Military Degree Plan affords the student the opportunity to complete the degree requirements within the enrolled degree program within five 5 years of the issued date without the loss of academic progress. Students who choose to change their degree program will forfeit the issued degree plan and be issued a new Military Degree Plan for the new program.

Since Ashford University is a regionally accredited institution, other institutions may elect to accept Ashford University credits. However, students should be aware that the transfer of credit is controlled by the receiving institution, and therefore cannot be guaranteed by Ashford University unless part of a valid articulation agreement or included in an articulation numbering system.

Outside any formal partnership or agreement, students considering transferring to another institution have the responsibility to determine whether that institution will accept Ashford University credits. Ashford University does not imply, promise, or guarantee transferability of its credits to any other institution. The transferability of credits you earn at Ashford University is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer.

Acceptance of the degree you earn in the educational program is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the credits or degree that you earn at this institution are not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your coursework at that institution.

For this reason you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending Ashford University to determine if your credits or degree will transfer. Researchers are permitted to access the databases only for the purposes of providing or pursuing an education through Ashford University.

They may not use the materials for any other purpose. Neither database access nor materials retrieved from the databases may be shared inside or outside of the University. Ashford University requires its students, faculty and staff to respect intellectual property rights, and will take action against anyone who abuses access to the database content made available by the library.

The Ashford University Library coordinates access for online students and faculty to electronic academic and business research databases and collections. These resources provide hundreds of thousands of full-text periodicals and academic journal articles, e-books, videos and other materials. The library provides all students with tip sheets and video tutorials that show users how to navigate the Ashford University Library and help them better understand the research process.

Students can interact with librarians via phone, chat and email. These resources, as well as librarian contact information, instructional aids, and tutorials are available on the library website, which can be accessed through the Student Portal or through your online courses. With this national network, all students can access more than 72, collections, large and small, through interlibrary loan. A number of self-help resources are available on the Ashford University website for students preparing to meet the writing proficiency standards in degree programs offered online.

Course digital materials CDM refers to all course-specific educational materials and resources provided directly to the student via the online classroom. Course materials include essential readings, audio and video assets, interactive exercises, and other digital supplements.

CDMs offer a more dynamic, interactive, and robust set of resources for student learning in the online modality. Students are not charged the CDM fee for repeated coursework if previously charged. While the reader offers robust functionality, students will be able to access, download and print their learning materials in accordance with their preferences. Students will lose access to any course digital materials approximately 60 days after the end of their course or their withdrawal date, unless they have downloaded the material to an external device or hard drive.

Acceptance into Honors College is merit based and Honors College students are expected to continually demonstrate a high level of achievement and leadership within the Ashford Community. The Ashford University Honors College engages a community of exceptional students in educational opportunities that promote leadership, innovation, global perspective, and civic responsibility. Honors College students will have access to Honors College exclusive curriculum designed to enhance the chosen program of study.

Students will have an opportunity to learn amongst the highest achieving students at Ashford. Honors College courses are small discussion-based classes with special topics. Additionally, Honors College students will have access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to help foster their continued success and achievement. Below are the opportunities currently available. To be eligible for acceptance into the Honors College, students must meet the following criteria:.

Additionally, students who apply to the Honors College utilizing transfer credits must still meet the 3. Once accepted into Honors College, students are expected to maintain a minimum 3. Applications are accepted year round. Once a student meets eligibility requirements, they can begin the application process. Students who wish to apply will need to complete an application for acceptance into the Honors College. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor or an admissions representative to see if they meet the acceptance criteria.

Applications will be reviewed weekly by the Honors College Selection Committee and decisions will be communicated via email. Applicants are required to submit the materials listed below. Students should be aware that Ashford University utilizes Turnitin, an educational tool that helps prevent and identify plagiarism from Internet resources. Students who are accepted into the Honors College, complete their honors curriculum, and who meet the 3.

Students who choose this sequence will take all six Honors College courses listed below in addition to their chosen program of study. Upon graduation, they will receive the distinction of being an Honors College Fellow on their diploma and transcript. Students who choose this sequence will take the three upper division Honors College courses listed below in addition to their chosen program of study.

Upon graduation, they will receive the distinction of being an Honors College Scholar on their diploma and transcript. Students must meet all eligibility requirements including the 3. Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be sent an invitation via email to become a member. There are no membership fees or dues.

Once a student has participated in an online induction ceremony, the student becomes a lifetime member of the Alpha Lambda chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda honor society. Names of inductees will be published on the Alpha Sigma Lambda webpage on the Ashford University website once the induction process for eligible students is complete.

Students who are inducted into the honor society will be mailed a certificate. Membership is by invitation only. Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be sent an invitation to become a member. Names of inductees will be published on the Phi Theta Kappa webpage on the Ashford University website once the induction process for eligible students is complete. Any Phi Theta Kappa member who participates in the on-campus commencement ceremony will be distinguished with Phi Theta Kappa regalia provided by the University.

Delta Alpha Pi International is an academic honor society for students with disabilities. Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society presents an opportunity to change negative stereotypes associated with disability by recognizing students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments.

In addition, this honor society facilitates development of skills in leadership, advocacy, and education for participating students. Members of Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society participate in activities designed to educate the community and society regarding disability issues and the need for universal design in learning. Membership in Golden Key is by invitation only. To qualify for membership in Golden Key International Honour Society, active students must meet the following criteria as of January 1 or July Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be sent notice of their eligibility via email and be told to expect an exclusive invitation via email to join the honor society directly from Golden Key International Honour Society headquarters.

Names of inductees will be published on the Golden Key webpage on the Ashford University website. SALUTE is the first honor society created for student veterans and military at two- and four-year higher education institutions nationwide. Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be sent notice of their eligibility via email and be provided with information on the necessary application materials to be reviewed by a committee.

Following committee review, students who meet all eligibility requirements will be sent an invitation via email to formally induct into SALUTE.

Names of inductees will be published on the SALUTE webpage on the Ashford University website once the induction process for eligible students is complete.

Students who are inducted into the honor society will be mailed a certificate and a military style challenge coin by the SALUTE Headquarters. Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students will be evaluated twice per calendar year for academic recognition, at the end of June and at the end of December.

Students should petition to graduate when they are within six 6 months of program completion. The completed Petition to Graduate form, including required fees, must be submitted to release all transcripts, diplomas and verifications for degrees awarded. The Petition to Graduate is available online in the Student Portal at www. Diplomas are generally ordered within 30 days after completion of all program requirements and payment of all related tuition and fees.

Diplomas and transcripts will be withheld until all accounts at the University are paid in full. Candidates for an undergraduate degree who have exhibited outstanding achievement may be awarded the following honors at graduation by earning the corresponding grade point average:.

Recognition also is given to Scholars Institute graduates and to students who are members of honor societies: The University may grant undergraduate and graduate degrees posthumously. When the University determines that a deceased student was in good standing and had completed enough credits toward a degree, the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee has the authority to grant the degree posthumously.

Generally, students should have completed a majority of their coursework for the program of study in order to qualify for a posthumous degree. An Ashford University degree may be rescinded when there is clear and convincing evidence that one of the following has occurred:.

Ashford University commencement ceremonies are held in the fall and spring each year. In order to participate, students must meet the following requirements:. Specific graduation dates and locations are available on the Graduation Information webpage located at www. General Education Curriculum Philosophy and Purpose The higher education offered by the University and other colleges and universities differs from other forms of postsecondary education in the belief that education involves preparation for living life as a whole rather than simply training a student for a specific job.

General Education Requirements The General Education program incorporates a framework of specified competencies. Core Competencies 21 credits Competencies are skills deemed necessary by the faculty to demonstrate a quality college education. The following general policies apply to the competencies: Prerequisite courses, if needed, must be completed before taking the competency course. Ethical Reasoning Competency 3 credits The ethical reasoning competency is the examination of principles of normative and non-normative ethical theories and the application of these principles in decision-making activities including case studies and contemporary social issues.

Learning Outcomes Students meeting this competency will be able to do the following: Ashford University offers the following courses to satisfy this requirement: Written Communication Competency 6 credits Written communication is the use of texts to create and transmit meaning. Learning Outcomes In writing, students meeting this competency will be able to do the following: Interpret information from various sources; Integrate information to effectively communicate a central message; Employ successful processes for producing effective communication; Use conventions of spelling, grammar, genre and style appropriate to a specific purpose or context; Practice principles of academic integrity in written communication; and Create cohesive and effective written work for a specific purpose.

Learning Outcomes In Oral and Interpersonal Communication, students meeting this competency will be able to do the following: Integrate a variety of message encoding techniques based on information about audiences; Integrate a variety of message decoding techniques to reconstruct meaning of an incoming message; Utilize communication strategies appropriate for different rhetorical purposes; Apply principles of ethical communication; and Examine the impact of communication in personal and professional contexts.

Ashford University offers the following courses to satisfy the Oral and Interpersonal Communication area: Critical Thinking Competency 3 credits Critical thinking is a set of skills and strategies for making decisions about what people ought to do and believe. COM Persuasion in Communication 3 credits PHI Informal Logic 3 credits Typically, logic courses or courses stressing critical thinking may be applied in transfer to satisfy the critical thinking competency.

Information Literacy Competency 3 credits Information literacy is the set of research skills that allow individuals to recognize when information is needed, to locate it, evaluate it, and effectively use it to communicate a message or support a claim. Identify nature and extent of information needed to support a specific purpose; Use relevant and credible information sources that are appropriate to the field and purpose; Evaluate information and its sources critically; Communicate information using appropriate tools and technology to accomplish a specific purpose; and Use information legally and ethically.

Quantitative Reasoning Competency 3 credits Quantitative reasoning is the ability to efficiently process data, interpret it, represent it using mathematical forms, and solve numerical and applied mathematical problems. Represent the given information using mathematical models and forms; Interpret quantitative data; Perform calculations that relate to specific topics and fields of study; Evaluate quantitative evidence used to support a claim; and Support a position using quantitative evidence.

Competencies 19 credits A course may be applied only once to meet a General Education competency requirement. Courses offered to satisfy the competency requirements are subsequently listed: Intercultural and Global Awareness 3 credits Intercultural and global awareness is a recognition and understanding of knowledge and issues through the lens of various cultural perspectives.

Analyze diverse modes of cultural expression and experience; Interpret current global issues through multiple perspectives; Evaluate the cultural biases that influence interactions; Examine how social and cultural systems develop; and Compare modes of creative expression using intercultural and global perspectives.

Civic Responsibility 3 credits Civic responsibility is the demand on a citizen to responsibly act and participate in the political and social community. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at https: To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.

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