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❶Graphing Equations and Inequalities Unit Quiz. As youu can see, things like this make life worthwhile.

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Distance, rates, and time Similar figures Ratios and proportions Unit Quiz. Factoring Factors and multiples Greatest common factor GCF Least common multiple LCM Adding and subtracting fractions Adding and subtracting mixed numbers The Language of Algebra Definitions The Language of Algebra Unit Quiz.

The Basics of Algebra Useful properties The Basics of Algebra Unit Quiz. Equations and Inequalities Solving addition and subtraction equations Two-step equations and inequalities Equations and Inequalities Unit Quiz. Graphing Equations and Inequalities The coordinate plane Graphing Equations and Inequalities Unit Quiz. So they gave us a lower price. As youu can see, things like this make life worthwhile. It is important because it is illustrated in a variety.

Moreover to its usefulness and versatility, it is used extensively. Motions, mixtures, work, investment problems, and even puzzle problems are examples of its application. Math is important because if you are working with money you would never know how much to give or recieve. And also if you worked at a job and they needed someone to work at the cash register you wouldnt know how to give change back you would never have a job. When u relly think about it everyine uses it.

Im not sayin that all this high level calculas aand stuff will mean anything to u later on i life but the basics skills addition,subtraction,division,multiplication,etc r very important. Things such as cooking, measuring, building, and everything else u can think of invovle math.

Without math and precise measurements, the world would just be a flat dirt ball. The four main subjects math,english,science,and history are all very important, but by far the 2 most important are math and english. Most people will get through their lives using only a few of the basic arithmetic and statistics our elementary schools teach. So learning more than just the basics will prepare you to take advantage of things that might come into your life.

Math teaches you another way to think. Logic and math are so intertwined that mathematics departments offer courses in logic and math was once taught as a branch of natural philosophy.

Math homework strengths those synapses in the same was as ice skating practice strengthens your ankles. Did you know that there are as many even numbers as there are integers odd plus even? That the musical harmony that sounds right to us corresponds to a specific set of numbers? That the use of the word "irrational" for "crazy" came from mathematicians recognizing that numbers exist that cannot be accurately stated as the ratio of two integers?

Well, this could be oversaying, but math is definitely one of our basis to society. Without math, there will be no technology whatsoever, and people will return back to stone age. Physics, chemistry, and other sciences are all based on math.

Mathematics is a part of our everyday life, as afi80fl have generously given a LOT of examples in our everyday life. Math is and will be important in our society for the rest of the human society. KWOO brings up a very interesting point, we dont use calculus in our oenlife, we dont take integrals and derivatives. Without math, the books FOR the English major would never exist. I think math is so important in our lives because Math functions your brain properly and makes you smarter;D I hate math and I think it is the WORST subject, and I would be better off with Reading and Science but I would be really retarted without math!

Math is such an important part of our lives because we use it every day. Can you afford it? Do you want to find a clerk to help you every time you face this situation? When it comes to cooking measurement , finding out how many miles per gallon your car gets division or if you have enough money to purchase that shirt, an understanding of math and how numbers work will help you solve these problems.

People have been using these same principles for thousands of years, across countries and continents. Without math no one could built a house which is cuboid and you need math for building bridges etc.

For example, what do you think cashiers did to add up change before we had all the tech stuff that does it for us? Galeleo,Kepler,Newton,Copernicus, the Indian Aryabhata, Bhaskara are able to explain the universe through their rigorous mathematical background. Modern science requires mathematics. I may not know it ,but it pervades through the universe.

Math is very important in life because if you go to a grocery store and buy something and when you go to give the payment of that thing you would not how much to give or you would not the price of the thing which you bought. Or if you are checking your weight and you have not learned math you would not know what your weight is so math is very very important in life.

Math is extremely important because Math is important because it is in everything we do. For example, to make things quicker you could multiply or divide. Math can also be used to see the total cost of a number of items. We use math for time or location latitude and longitude.

Math can also be found all the time in nature Fibonacci numbers. Math is a VERY important part of our lives. Math is an important part of our lives because it is everywhere, and understanding mathematical concepts and being able to calculate mathematical problems can help you in a variety of ways.

If you earn allowance for doing chores at home and you know how to multiply or add groups of numbers, you can figure out how many weeks it will take you to have enough money to buy the toys you want! Once you measure the distance and know how long it takes you to travel per block, you can add or multiply to determine how much time you need to arrive at school on time.

With this information, you can impress your mom and you might get to ride your bike or walk to school. In addition to problem-solving to gain things you want, understanding mathematical concepts also helps you understand the world around you. Math is a science based on logic what makes sense and patterns repeating designs or shapes , which you will find everywhere you look.

Your mind is wired to look for patterns to make sense of things in the world; math is the building block for this. Noticing patterns in the world helps your mind process and understand information better and more quickly. Mathematics has not only given us all of the wonderful things in our world as mentioned by the other responders of this thread, but mathematical practices teach us life skills that may or not even involve mathematical calculations.

You may never use any mathematical concept that you have learned in school doubtful, but possible but you will definitely gain skills that are high on the list of century employers. Skills like perseverance, precision, intellectual and credible communication skills.

These skills and others are all associated with best mathematical practice. Many of us are never trained to see the math that we use. Most of us are only taught to calculate. Once we understand that mathematics is much, much more that calculation, the importance of mathematics as a part of our lives is abundantly clear.

Keep asking questions, especially this type of question. It shows that you are a thinker and that you truly desire the knowledge. Maths is very important in every day life as it provides us to do the calculations easily and correctly. As stated in some previous answers math is used in counting money, time, etc. Math is a useful tool in our everyday lives.

It helps maintain balance in our finance. Also, the measurements used with math can help architects build and design buildings and structures with great accuracy.

Another example would be that it helps artists create magnificent masterpieces by using simple math tools such as compasses and rulers. Math is a great tool in life. Math helps us maintain financial stability to solving financial problems.

Math has given us the essential told we use to this day like computers, tablets, wash and dryers. Of course you would like to know when you will be able to get it haha. Math is a vital aspect in our lives because it is used in even the simplest things. Math is very important in our lives because it is everywhere we go.

In the workplace whether you are a mathematician using calculus or a cashier totaling orders or change math is necessary in all fields. Math plays an important part in our lives because many people use it as a daily part in their lives.

For example you use math to measure ingredients when cooking, count out money when you buy things, manage your savings, doing homework, and many other things. Math is important for our daily lives because believe it or not it really surrounds us.

For example , going grocery or shopping for anything you would have to calculate the price which of course involves math. Math is something that we need to use during our everyday lives. It teaches you how much money you need to pay or can use or anything that involves numbers and counting. Math is relevant, from basic survival such as to count money, how much to pay from day to day, to interdisciplinary studies, such as geography, where math is also involved.

A few years ago, I asked myself this very same question. But now, I realize that the answer is just in front of me every time, every day. Math, as complex as it may seem is applied to our daily lives.

From the moment we wake up, we look at our alarm clocks. Reading time is a form of math itself. When we heat food in the microwave and set the microwave for about two minutes, math is also there. How about when your mom cooks your lunch and she follows the recipe, there is also math involved in the amount of ingredients.

When we pay for a cab ride we use math to count money. Math doesnt have to be very complex for you to realize how important it is. The simple act of counting from one to ten is math already. Can you imagine a life without any of these?

Math is very important! For example if you want to buy something you use math! If there was a sale on a certain item you would need to use math to find out the price. You may or may not know that math is everywhere! For example shapes and numbers which you use regularly! Math is all around us in the world and using math allows us to interpret and in turn manipulate the world around us.

It will be a daily function as math involves the basic aspect of buying, and a step further, selling, which will be relevant to our daily lives.

Math therefore comes in as a crucial skill in our lives. Because we like to earn money, and we need math to earn money and also to count money, and the more math we know the more we know how to save money and earn money.

Math holds great importance in our lives because much of what we do every day requires math. Another example is when you go to the grocery store and your tax is calculated. Math is incorporated in our lives every day. People in physics use it to calculate how many mph a plane or car was going before it crashed. This is why math is important. It goes everywhere with us.

Basically because it is in everything we do. Math is important because on you know and understand finance. Yeah I know sometimes you think when will I graph something with calculus but even regular math can be helpful.

Math is so important because of its practical applications. But its even more important than that because its at the heart of understanding the world around us. My favorite example is the golden ratio that can be seen in the shells of snails, the petals of flowers, to the great galaxies millions of light years away from us. Its astounding how universal math is and how its an intrinsic property of everything.

Math is important in our lives. When you build houses and bridges, math are included. When you have to pay money to someone math is included such as addition and subtraction. This is where math gets important in our life. As I explained the other day to a student that I tutor, every job, every profession, everything we do, touch, see, and smell involves numbers, whether we see them or not.

A garbage man, for example, must know the addresses where he must pick up on his route. He must know how many customers overall he has to collect from.

He must know the volume that his truck can carry, and the maximum weight it can legally carry. He must know the height of his truck for when he goes under a low bridge, or know the overall weight of his truck if he goes onto a weight restricted bridge. He must know the maximum width of an object that he can fit into his truck, or the height or volume of the object.

Numbers are everywhere, and along with them, math. Knowing basic math is very important to unraveling the mystery that is advanced math. Math is extremely crucial in ourlife because it is part of our every day life.

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