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Idahoans who lose their jobs due to plant closures when a manufacturer shifts production to countries outside the U. Find out what Priority of Service means and what kind of employment benefits are available to veterans and their families.

Meet one of 17 veteran representatives located throughout the state. Unemployment benefits provide temporary financial assistance to Idaho workers unemployed through no fault of their own.

File a new or continued claim and find out more about the process. Idaho is committed to ensuring farmworkers know what laws protect their rights to fair wages and working conditions.

Volunteering is a great way to keep your skills current and stay connected to the workplace. All workers should know what to expect in the workplace. Learn what laws Idaho employers must follow including paying the minimum wage and safety requirements. An apprenticeship is a formal method of on-the-job training in a skilled occupation, craft or trade. Dozens of employers, schools and other sponsors have apprenticeship programs. Get the most from your job search with this page guide.

Identify your skills, set goals, learn to network, write a better resume, prepare for an interview and land that job offer. Post a job opening for a position which is involved in a labor dispute. All jobs posted must be for valid openings. The Site allows you to create, upload, update and transmit your personal resume; to create and manage your online account; to search for job opportunities; to view and download job postings; and to access other materials on this site for your personal use.

The following are strictly prohibited uses of this site by Job Seekers. Post any incomplete, false or inaccurate resume information. Respond to any employment opportunity for any reason other than to apply for the job.

The Office of Employment and Training may release User information if permitted by law or to comply with an audit, or if necessary to address an unlawful or harmful activity.

The Office of Employment and Training may establish, from time to time, additional or updated Terms of Use, which are effective without prior notice.

The Office of Employment and Training shall have the right to discontinue, suspend or modify the Site, or any portion thereof, at any time, without notice, at its sole discretion. Employers generally do not prefer to receive functional resumes as they do not show your work history or career progress. A combination or combined resume combines the best features of the traditional chronological where the dates are in reverse order and functional where skills are listed in the beginning resumes.

A combination resume can also be referred to as a skills based resume. A combination resume works for entry level candidates as well as for those who have many years experience and need a better resume. Below you will find a list of action verbs that could be used on a resume. For a longer list, here are some additional Action Verbs. Conducted, coordinated, developed, directed, established, evaluated, facilitated, formulated, guided, improved, presided, scheduled, supervised, trained.

Addressed, clarified, conferred, drafted, explained, formulated, motivated, negotiated, persuaded, presented, promoted, translated, wrote. Analyzed, assembled, built, consulted, designed, examined, identified, interpreted, operated, overhauled, remodeled, repaired, researched, revised. Advised, arranged, coached, counseled, diagnosed, facilitated, instructed, oriented, represented. Conceptualized, created, designed, fashioned, illustrated, initiated, invented, originated, performed.

Administered, analyzed, balanced, budgeted, calculated, contracted, forecast, marketed, planned, projected, recommended. Revised, collected, catalogued, classified, compiled clarified, indexed, organized, prepared, processed, simplified, systemized.

Consolidated, distributed, expedited, generated, increased, marketed, obtained, penetrated, promoted, recruited, stimulated. Was Helpful Needs Improvement.

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Post any incomplete, false or inaccurate resume information. b. Post non-resume information. c. Respond to any employment opportunity for any reason other than to apply for the job.

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If you have been laid off from your job, you may qualify for unemployment benefits administered by your state. In many cases, you can file online and avoid long lines at local offices. Follow the link to your state’s unemployment compensation information.

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The MassHire Department of Career Services provides job seekers with a variety of job assistance services, including working with experienced career counselors, attending workshops and short-term training, accessing up-to-date local, statewide and national job listings, developing resumes, writing cover letters, and more. Your Partner for a Stronger Arizona. Search form. Search.