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Parents could ask a teacher to help in the same way, he says. But a teacher may resist, he says. But he thinks that "they have to realize this is what it will take for the child to improve.

He reviewed the study for WebMD but was not involved in it. His approach addresses both issues, he says. The Approach Kapalka evaluated 39 children, ages 6 to 10, and enrolled the help of their 39 teachers. All students in the study had problems with homework. Those in the treatment group: Showed their teacher their homework journal, in which everything was written down about assignments, before going home. Were required to start homework within an hour after school dismissal time and to work in a quiet setting.

Taken together, the sum of their ages is 8. Read the problem carefully. Get rid of clutter Identify key variables unknowns. Use the text of the problem to write equations. Find the remaining variables. Bob is two years older than Alice. Solve the equation using my Universal math simplifier and solver click here! Numbers Relationships among numbers Find numbers given their sum and other relationships Consecutive: Real world number problems Lesson on Word problems with digits sum, difference of digits 2.

Time and Travel Travel Related Problems Trains and other objects moving towards each other or in the same direction; meeting, catching up Going and coming back Going against and with wind and current 3. Mixtures Mixing Mixtures Problems related to mixing mixtures of various concentrations. Quadratics Learn to solve them Areas Learn to not use bad roots 5. Linear Problems Problems reducible to linear equations 2 apples and 3 oranges cost , 1 apple and 2 oranges cost.

Age Problems Typical age-related problems Combined age Relation of ages now and some time ago 7. Finance Problems Typical finance-related problems Interest income Total amounts and partial investments 8. Geometry Problems Triangles, rectangles, spheres etc 9. Over Algebra Word Problems at edhelper. Introduction How to work word problems. Numbers Relationships among numbers.

Find numbers given their sum and other relationships Consecutive:

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Needless to say, if your child is genuinely unable to do the homework, you, in tandem with his teacher or school psychologist, must figure out why and enlist the help he needs. A learning difficulty or anxiety over problems at home may be affecting schoolwork.

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Math homework help. Hotmath explains math textbook homework problems with step-by-step math answers for algebra, geometry, and calculus. Online tutoring available for math help. Learn to limit irritation, set a schedule, and choose the best place to work — or, when all else fails to find outside help. Top 5 Homework Frustrations — and Fixes for Each Get strategies to overcome the most common ADHD-related problems with homework — plus more expert information about ADHD and school via email.

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Jun 17,  · Watch video · Price: Free, but some homework services require payment Availability: iOS. Slader is a crowdsourcing app for high school and college students to post and answer questions in math and science. While students can post original homework for help, many questions in popular textbooks have already been answered on the app, according to Fast Company. The college homework help we provide for students suits all their needs, but more importantly, it tailors the work directly to their immediate problems. When students contact us, they immediately receive the college homework assistance they've been looking for.