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global warming

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❶Ozone layer is depleted because of the CFC generated produced from the tools and instruments Desmet and Rossi-Hansberg

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The social elements and factors that result in the depletion of the Ozone layer and global warming are increased lifestyle of the humans and using CFC prone instruments. The increased life style of the humans is an important reason behind the depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere Brune The humans have developed different tools for technology that emits CFC in the atmosphere like; Refrigerator, Air Conditioners etc.

The above reaction shows that the ozone gets depleted to oxygen gas when reacted with CFC in presence of ultraviolet rays as a catalyst generating chlorine as the by product. Hence, the quantity of the ozone in the atmosphere gets reduced.

The general activities of human like cooing, burning fuel for producing energy and fireworks also causes the production of carbon and it affects the global warming on a small scale. The economic activities of the human contribute a lot for the ozone layer depletion and global warming. Ozone layer is depleted because of the CFC generated produced from the tools and instruments Desmet and Rossi-Hansberg Various companies use the less costly techniques for producing the coolant products like refrigerator and air conditioners.

These equipments emits considerable amount of CFCs that is hazardous for the ozone layer. The company uses these parts for reducing the cost for manufacturing the equipments.

In this way, they gain more profit. However, it results in harming the environmental stability by depletion of the Ozone layer. Carbon emission by various tools and equipments used in manufacturing industries also contribute to the global rise in the temperature Jakob and Marschinski Carbon has dense gaseous particles that entrap the heat rays of the Sun in the atmosphere.

It results in increasing the average temperature of the earth. Hence, the global warming is induced in the atmosphere. All the economic activities of the world depend on the production of the energy and the main source of the energy is coal. For production of energy the coal is burnt and it increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

The main ethical dilemmas because of Ozone layer depletion are affecting of exposure to the UV rays on the ecosystem and its components and diseases caused by it.

The ozone layer acts as a shielding layer for the earth and its ecosystem from the harmful ultra violet UV rays of the sun. These rays when come in direct contact with the skin of human or animal birds and fishes included or the body of the plants causes decaying of the part Calkins Hence, the part of the body or skin becomes dead and unusable. The increase in the temperature have resulted in unfavorable climate for production of crops and doing work. The global warming has resulted in melting the polar caps and increasing the water level of the earth.

The two principle issues of Ozone layer depletion and Global warming are radiation effects and melting of the polar caps. These are the radiation effects because of UV rays on humans.

In plants, the ultraviolet rays affect the plants growth, reduction in the area of the leaf, diminishing the size of the stem and affecting the cell structure of the plants.

The effect of UV rays in plants can be seen at both molecular and cellular levels. The reproduction system and photosynthesis process of the plants are also affected by the harmful rays of the Sun. Melting of the ice caps at the polar region is the major ethical issue faced due to the global warming.

The ice caps at the Polar Regions are melting slowly that has resulted in increasing the water level by a considerable amount every year Hansen et al.

It has been seen that the average temperature of the earth increases by 0. It has already been observed that the Ice shelves of Larsen and Ayles have been broken up due to the global warming. Chlorofluorocarbon gases CFCs became widely utilized in the mids—as refrigerants such as Freon, as fire retardants such as Halon, as spray-can propellants, as solvents, and as foam-blowing agents. CFCs were far more stable, far more chemically inert than alternatives and were, therefore, much safer to use.

Unfortunately, they are so stable that they are likely to last in the atmosphere for more than years. Within three to five years, the time we now know it takes for CFCs to reach the stratosphere, annual average global temperatures began rising. By , James Lovelock, using his new electron capture detector , found significant amounts of CFC in all 50 air samples collected pole to pole.

One atom of chlorine can destroy , molecules of ozone by catalytic processes that are particularly effective in polar stratospheric clouds. Ozone is created when solar ultraviolet-C radiation dissociates an oxygen molecule into two oxygen atoms, which then combine with oxygen molecules to form ozone O 3. Ultraviolet-B solar radiation then dissociates ozone back into an oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule.

This ozone-oxygen cycle, known as the Chapman cycle , is continuous so that a molecule of ozone only lasts, on average, about 8. The ozone layer, 12 to 19 miles above Earth, is the region of the atmosphere where the physical-chemical conditions are most favorable for the ozone-oxygen cycle.

When a molecule such as oxygen or ozone is dissociated, the molecular pieces fly apart at high velocity, instantly converting all the bond energy into kinetic energy of translation.

Average kinetic energy of translation of all atoms and molecules making up a gas is, according to the kinetic theory of gases, directly proportional to the temperature of a gas. Thus, high concentrations of ozone show regions of localized warming that were first observed to affect weather and climate by Gordon Dobson in the s. When ozone is depleted, less ultraviolet-B is absorbed within the ozone layer, cooling the ozone layer, as observed from to More ultraviolet-B is then observed to reach Earth, where it penetrates tens of yards into oceans and is thus absorbed very efficiently.

Increased ultraviolet-B also dissociates ground-level ozone pollution, warming air in industrial regions. Ozone depletion is greatest in polar regions during the winter, explaining why the greatest warming observed from to was of minimum temperatures in polar regions, a phenomenon known as polar amplification. Scientists suddenly realized that ozone depletion was a much bigger problem than had been thought. Within two years, scientists and political leaders developed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer mandating cutbacks in CFC production beginning January By , increases of CFCs in the atmosphere stopped.

By , increases in ozone depletion stopped. By , increases in average global temperatures stopped. The ozone layer remains depleted, the ocean continues to warm, ice continues to melt, and sea-level continues to rise, but global temperatures did not change significantly from through Related Questions Links between global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain?

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Is it just me or is my neighbour having a rant at me? So, Earth survived with much more CO2 than it has now. Would a planet with an atmosphere as thick as that of Venus be hot because of pressure?

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Human activity has affected the biosphere on Earth as the population has grown. Some troubling effects include changes to the ozone layer and global warming.

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The ozone layer depletion and global warming have severe affect on the economic activities of the earth. The ozone layer depletion and global warming have affected the economy by destructing the infrastructure and property, decreasing the productivity, massive migration, increases in the cost of cropping, and security threats to the economic /5(14K).

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Ozone Depletion and Global Warming How the video was a good example of a persuasive speech? The video was a good example of a persuasive essay because of its overall structure from attention-getter and visual aid to the conclusion and performance. global warming - Stratospheric ozone depletion - Since the s the loss of ozone (O3) from the stratosphere has led to a small amount of negative radiative forcing of the surface. This negative forcing represents a competition between two distinct effects caused by the fact that ozone absorbs solar radiation. In the first case, as ozone levels in the stratosphere are depleted, more solar.

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Homework Help: Social Studies: World Issues: Ozone Depletion and Global Warming by Ling Ling Lee Chow Chang Tsui Mitsubishi A few of the differences between global warming and ozone depletion are that global warming has to do with the trapping of heat and warming earth causing dangerous climate change. On the contrary ozone depletion's. Get an answer for 'Describe how ozone depletion may affect climate change or vice versa.' and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes Climate change or global warming is the.